Tree and Shrub Program

Tree and Shrub Program

The Weedex Ornamental Tree and Shrub Care Program will protect and maintain the beauty of your lawn’s ornamental trees and shrubs. Our lawn care experts fertilize your trees and shrubs. This treatment guards against insects and disease. This program includes seven (7) treatments throughout the year. 

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Our Tree and Shrub Program Includes the Following Treatments:

Winter Dormant Oil

Winter Dormant Oil Treatment

Apply a specialized landscape oil during winter. This will smother insects that damage your landscape’s trees each spring.

Spring Feeding

Spring Feeding Treatment

Spray tree and shrub fertilizer to boost winter recovery. This gives your ornamental trees and shrubs nutrients for growth throughout the season.

Spring Insect and Disease Control

Spring Insect & Disease Control

Control diseases that occur due to spring’s cool and damp nights. This treatment also protects against damaging insects.

Summer Insect and Disease Control

Summer Insect & Disease Control

Summer is the most active time for damaging insects. This application will protect against damage caused by insects such as aphids.

Late-Summer Insect and Disease Control

Late-Summer Insect & Disease Control

A second treatment is applied in late summer. This provides more protection against the same insects that can cause costly damage to your landscape.

Fall Insect and Disease Control

Fall Insect & Disease Control

Damaging insects are still active in early fall. This treatment will control insects and protect against fall diseases that can cause damage before winter.

Fall Feeding

Fall Feeding Treatment

Healthy roots are the basis of a healthy plant. We apply a slow-release fertilizer so ornamental trees and shrubs can store more nutrients in their roots during winter.

**Dallisgrass and nutsedge are the only two weeds that require a service charge. This usually only requires one or two treatments.

**We always provide easy to follow instructions to ensure the best results from our services. Please follow these directions to care for your lawn between treatments.