Soil Builder Program

Each Soil Builder Application consists of four products; Firm Up, Receptor, Axilo Mix 5, and Renova. This combination of products can improve the quality of your soil by increasing water movement and retention, extending the nutritional value of fertilization, and combating negative stressors to the lawn. Treatments for Soil Builder occur four (4) times during the year.

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Firm Up – allows water to better penetrate the soil profile and enhance soil wetting characteristics. This results in a more consistent level of moisture for the turfgrass to help minimize drought stress conditions and help the turfgrass perform at its best.

Receptor – helps increase the soil ability to recycle nutrients. Increased root development is key to any plants survival and these hormones help increase the overall turfgrass root mass, improving its ability to better absorb more moisture and nutrients.

Axilo Mix 5 – is a slow-release nutrient package that allows the plant to absorb nutrients more readily as it needs it. Within those nutrients is Magnesium, a necessary component of chlorophyll – what makes the plant green – thus allowing the turfgrass to replenish chlorophyll levels at its maximum capacity and restore its deep-green color.

Renova – is an extract of multiple plants species that contain different hormones intended to fight environmental stressors, such as drought stress. Like a daily vitamin, this helps prepare the plant for whatever expected or unexpected situations it must live through.

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