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Posted on February 25, 2022

Weedex Lawn Care has been providing Frisco lawn care services for close to twenty years. Our company is locally owned and operated. Weedex employees live in and support the local communities we serve. Frisco lawn care services can mean different things to different Frisco homeowners. Some may think of lawn care services as mowing services, or weed control and fertilization.  Other homeowners may think of landscaping or tree trimming.  Our company is focused on providing weed control and fertilization services in Frisco and s over 100 other suburbs in the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex.  Call Weedex at 972-727-9207 for a fast, free quote.

Our Frisco lawn care services include eight lawn treatments throughout the year to provide you with the best results. Our Route Managers perform a variety of lawn treatments based on the time of the year.  These treatments include professional-grade pre-emergent and post-emergent weed control, lawn fertilization, and soil builder treatments. Our equipment is also professional grade, ranging from commercial hose sprayers, backpacks, and granular spreaders. Our route managers receive continuous training and oversight to ensure you are receiving the best possible level of service. At Weedex, our mantra is “Greener Lawn. Happier You.”  Your satisfaction is guaranteed. For a free quote, call 927- 727-9207.


Frisco Weed Control and Lawn Fertilization Companies

Several of the best ways to compare Frisco weed control and lawn fertilization companies are by comparing the number offer lawn treatments they offer annually and comparing their customer service record. Some weed control and lawn fertilization companies, including Weedex Lawn Care, provide eight treatments per year.  Other competitors may only offer five weed control and lawn fertilization treatments annually. Price is often a consideration, but it should be secondary to the quality of service that a homeowner receives from their Frisco lawn care company.


How to Find a Quality Lawn Care Service

To find a quality lawn care service you should focus on; referrals, social media review ratings, third-party consumer review company ratings and a company’s status with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Weedex Lawn Care receives hundreds of referrals each year and it has a 4.4 out of 5-star rating with over 180 Google reviews. 4.9 out of 5-star rating with 322 reviews on Birdeye, Best Pick Reports – best lawn care company for 11 consecutive years, and an A+ rating with the BBB. Be sure to evaluate the lawn care companies you are considering before making your selection. Many homeowners also prefer to support a local lawn care company with years of experience serving local communities. Weedex Lawn Care has been serving the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex for more than 20 years. Call Weedex at 972-727-9207 for a fast, free quote.

You must get to know the lawn care professional who is servicing your lawn. Our Route Managers have regular routes, so you get to know them, and they get to know you and your lawn. They communicate with you before, during, and after each service treatment on your Frisco lawn. After each treatment, Weedex will also email you a detailed report covering the treatments performed and recommend watering and mowing instructions after each treatment. The report will also point out any issues we may have discovered in your lawn such as drought, excessive shade, or drainage challenges. These reports are also available for you to view through our online portal.  Developing a green, healthy lawn is a partnership between you and your route manager.  Working together with Weedex, you can achieve a greener lawn and happier you.


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How Much Does a Lawn Care Service Cost?

Most lawn care companies that provide lawn fertilization and weed control in Frisco, charge by the square foot. Most, if not all, companies have a minimum lawn treatment charge based on minimum square footage. Many companies use satellite imaging software to trace out your lawn on a computer screen and determine your square footage after subtracting your home, patio, driveaway, flower beds, etc. This measuring process can be done over the phone without the need to visit a homeowner’s home for a price quote. Call Weedex at 972-727-9207 for a fast, free quote.


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Specialty Lawn Treatment Services in Frisco

Weedex Lawn Care also offers ala carte specialty lawn treatment services in Frisco to customize service for your Frisco lawn. Weedex specialty lawn treatments include core aeration, grub control, lawn fungus, nutsedge weeds, lawn insect control, and fire ant control. We also offer an ornamental tree and shrub treatment program to fight insects and fungus that might plaque your trees and shrubs. Specialty lawn treatment services are often needed to handle unique challenges that you may be dealing with on your particular lawn.

There is often a big difference between DIY and professional products.  For example, let’s say you discover several fire ant mounds in your Frisco yard. You go to a big box home improvement store and buy fire ant killer granules to sprinkle around the mounds. Unfortunately, you notice that those treated mounds have been abandoned but they have built new mounds elsewhere in the yard.  Next, you may try spreading the ant killer across your entire lawn to stop them. This treatment will work for several months, but the fire ants will find their way back into your yard before long. You will end up buying ant killer and treating your lawn about every three to four months.  Quarterly DIY treatment fire ant treatments are are expensive, time-consuming, and can be frustrating. Weedex uses a product only available to professional lawn care companies called Top Choice.  We guarantee to keep your Frisco lawn free of fire ants for an entire year.

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Weedex Offers the Following Lawn Care Services

Lawn Care Treatments

Lawn Care Treatments

The Weedex lawn care program is a year-long series of treatments that help control broadleaf weeds and fertilize your grass to create a greener, healthier lawn.

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Tree & Shrub Care Program

Tree & Shrub Care Program

The Weedex Tree and Shrub Program will maintain the beauty of your lawn’s ornamental trees and shrubs while protecting against insects and disease.

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Specialty Services and Programs

Specialty Services and Programs

Weedex offers a wide range of specialty services to protect your lawn. This includes Nutsedge Treatment, Core Aeration, Fire Ant Control, and more.