Mower Blade: Keep it Sharp

Posted on April 21, 2015

consumer grade red and black Pope branded lawn mower on the lawn

For best results, keep the mower blade sharp.

Is your lawn mower blade damaging your lawn? If you haven’t sharpened the blade this season, the answer is probably ‘yes’.  A dull mower blade will rip the grass rather than making a clean cut.  You should sharpen your mower blade at least two times per year.  Whether you choose to sharpen the blade yourself, take it to a lawn mower shop, or buy a new one, always cut with a sharp blade.

Check Your Mower Blade

Each time you mow, look closely at the grass blades. Grass blades should have a clean cut on the tip. Look closely for frayed grass blades. These frayed (dead) grass tips will turn brown and leave your entire lawn looking dull.

Regularly inspect the blade(s) on your lawn mower for nicks or gouges that prevent a clean cut to the grass. The blade should be smooth and only as sharp as a butter knife. Always use safety gear and disengage the spark plug when inspecting your mower.

If you hire out your lawn service, ask how often they sharpen the blades on their equipment. Look for damage to the grass blades and contact the lawn mower service if you find damage.

TIP: Keep an extra blade on hand. Sharpen the dull blade later, instead of letting it stall your lawn mowing plans for the day.

Sharpen Your Own Blade

There are hundreds of videos on YouTube* about sharpening lawn mower blades. Always be careful; use safety gear and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for your equipment. 

The blade should be smooth and only as sharp as a butter knife. There are sharpening kits available at your local hardware store. You can also buy a sharpening drill bit to do the job. A bench grinder is another option.

Professional Blade Sharpening

Find your local lawn mower repair shop and call ahead for pricing and hours. The cost to sharpen a single blade should be around $10. They can also remove and/or install the blade for an additional price.

Buy A New Blade

You should know the make and model of your lawnmower. A new blade will cost around $25 but can be more or less depending on your equipment. You can buy new blades at your local lawn mower repair shop, online, or big box lawn equipment store.

Once the sharpened blade is balanced and properly installed, you are ready to mow. Raise the mower’s deck to a high setting so you don’t cut more than 1/3 of the grass blade.


Handling lawn mowing equipment is at your own risk. When working on lawn equipment, always use protective gear. Check the owner’s manual of your mower to make sure there is no way to power up or accidentally push start the mower.

Mowing with a sharpened blade will encourage healthy growth when you follow an appropriate cutting and watering schedule. You can do it yourself, buy a replacement, or bring it to a professional.  Always give us a call at (972) 727-9207 if you have questions about keeping a great looking lawn year round.

*note: Weedex is not affiliated with any third parties represented in this link. Handling lawn equipment is at your own risk.


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