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Aubrey Lawn Care Treatment Service

We tackle weeds and use the best products to keep your Aubrey lawn greener and looking good. Our lawn programs are customized for Texas lawns; no long-term contract! We want you (and your neighbors!) to love your lawn. Like or slogan says “Greener lawn. Happier you.”

Google 5 Star Review – Aubrey, Texas

“Best Lawn Care company that we’ve got. They totally knocked the weed out for just 2 months of service. Happy and contented on the service and there costumer service was awesome. Our technician Robert B was respectful.” – Weedex Lawn Care Customer, Mitchelle G. Aubrey, Texas

Looking for more than weed control for your Aubrey lawn?

  • We identify lawn pests and keep them from ruining your lawn. Chinch bugs and Bermuda mites are just a few insects that love to feast on north Texas grass.
  • We have a treatment program for north Texas shrubs and ornamental trees.
  • Have you considered core lawn aeration? Lawn aeration improves the overall health of your lawn. We use an aerator to create thousands of tiny holes into the lawn’s surface, allowing air, water and fertilizer to reach the root system. Over time, you’ll see thicker, greener, more resilient turf grass.
  • Let us tackle tough Texas weeds such as nutsedge and dallisgrass.
  • Grub control – Don’t let hungry grubs devastate your lawn, click the link to learn more about grubs and our specialty treatments.

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