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Pantego lawn care

Large, big name lawncare companies offer deals with attached long-term contracts. Their billing and customer service are handled by a call-center, instead of a local office. Our goal is to give each customer personalized lawn care service that is superior to the product offered by big box lawn care companies.

Pantego grass is greener with Weedex Lawn Care

Weedex is your local source for Pantego lawn care. We are locally owned and operated so we are always nearby to control weeds, fertilize, and manage the overall health of your lawn in Pantego. Our office is in Lewisville and we love to help our customers achieve a beautiful lawn. Our motto is “Greener Lawn. Happier You.”

Our customers have the best looking lawns in north Texas. With our basic program, we fertilize and treat your lawn for grassy weeds every five (5) to six (6) weeks, for a total of eight (8) treatments the entire year. We also look for symptoms of lawn disease, fungus and lawn pests. Get a free quote today.

We offer these specialty services:

  • Ornamental tree and shrub care: Seasonal treatment for your landscape’s decorative plants.
  • Lawn aeration: Machine core aeration makes thousands of holes throughout your yard for a thicker, greener lawn. Grass is healthier because air and water can reach the root system.
  • Surface feeding insect control: Don’t let chinch bugs ruin your grass. We also treat lawn pests such as grubs and fire ants so you can enjoy your yard again.
  • Brown patch treatment: Lawn diseases may first appear as a small brown patch, but will quickly spread across the yard. We diagnose and treat lawn fungus and diseases.

The lawns of Pantego need extra care each fall and winter to look their best for spring and summer. We fertilize and treat your turf grass for weeds such as dallisgrass and nutsedge with regularly scheduled visits. We fertilize your home’s lawn at the optimal time so your yard looks good year round.