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Melissa Lawn Care Treatment Service

Your Melissa lawn will be greener with Weedex!

We tackle weeds and use the best products to keep your grass greener and looking good. Our lawn treatment programs are formulated for your Melissa lawn. We never require a long-term contract. Forget about DIY and get your weekends back! We want you (and your neighbors!) to love your Melissa lawn. We use professional products to provide the best quality lawn treatment services. At Weedex Lawn Care we like to say “Greener Lawn, Happier You!” Call us today for a free quote! (972) 727-9207

Best Picks Reports – 5 Star Review, Melissa, TX

“Everything goes fine. It’s perfect. When they treat my yard, they phone call me as well as leave the treatment information on my door. They also make a personal phone call. I’ve been using their services since August of last year, so it’s been a year. I had a referral from a friend. There isn’t anything they can do better at this time. I would give them an A.” – Homeowner, Melissa, TX

Weedex Lawn Care has been a “Best Pick” by Best Pick Reports for 12 consecutive years!


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Throughout each season, our lawn treatment program includes weed control and fertilization for a healthy, green Melissa lawn.

  • Uninvited lawn pests will damage your yard. We identify lawn pests and keep them from overtaking your lawn.
  • Fire ants: In the warm months, do you frequently re-apply fire ant killer across the yard? We have a fire ant treatment program for your north Texas lawn.
  • Our fire ant control program treats your entire lawn so you can enjoy your lawn again.
  • Because ornamental trees and shrubs require special maintenance, we have a treatment program for these north Texas plants. Our tree and shrub care program protects and provides nutrients for trees and shrubs that must endure the seasonal changes.
  • Have you considered spring core lawn aeration? Lawn aeration improves the overall health of your Melissa lawn. We use a professional grade core aerator to create thousands of tiny holes into the lawn’s surface, allowing air, water and fertilizers to reach the roots. The result: thicker, greener, more resilient turf grass.
  • We also address specific problems with nutsedge and other Texas weeds. Continual weed control treatments through each season will result in fewer weeds, year after year.
  • Click this link for Information on dallisgrass
  • Professional diagnosis and treatment of lawn fungus.

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