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Lawn Disease Control Services in Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington, & Nearby Areas in Texas

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Lawn Disease Control Services in Dallas, TX & Surrounding Areas Including Fort Worth & Arlington

Our team offers both preventative and curative fungicide treatments!

One important aspect of lawn care is controlling lawn diseases. Whether you need prevention or help to eliminate an existing lawn disease, our team at Weedex Lawn Care has you covered. Our lawn disease control service includes preventative and curative treatments for lawn diseases such as brown patch, gray leaf spot, take-all root rot, and dollar spot. We offer our lawn disease control services to homeowners in Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington, and throughout the other nearby locations in Texas. To schedule any of our lawn disease control services, call us at (972) 727-9207 today!

Brown Patch Control

Brown patch disease on a lawn found in Dallas, TX.

Brown patch is a lawn disease that causes round patches of thin, brown grass to appear throughout the expanse of your turf. These patches can vary from a few inches to a few feet in diameter. To prevent this disease from infecting your turf, you can take advantage of our preventative treatments. We apply these treatments in the spring and early fall to get ahead of this disease during the times when it usually becomes most problematic. We also offer curative treatments that you can schedule if your lawn is currently infected with this disease.

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Gray Leaf Spot Control

A blade of grass in Dallas, TX, with gray leaf spot.

Gray leaf spot is a common lawn disease that causes gray spots to appear on the leaves of your grass. If left untreated, it can eventually lead to the death of affected turf. Fortunately, we provide preventive gray leaf spot control treatments. Our preventive treatments are applied during the spring and fall seasons to effectively combat the onset of gray leaf spot. In the unfortunate event that your lawn is already affected by gray leaf spot, we offer curative treatments to swiftly and effectively eliminate the disease.

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Take-All Root Rot Control

Root rot on St. Augustine grass in Dallas, TX.

Our range of lawn disease control services encompasses preventative fungal treatments specifically designed to target take-all root rot. Take-all root rot is a fungal disease that manifests as large patches of dead, brown turf, leading to thinning and bare soil. This disease specifically targets the root system of the turf, causing significant damage. Additionally, if your lawn is already affected by this disease, we also provide curative treatments to combat the spread and impact of take-all root rot.

Our preventative fungicide treatments are applied to properties in the spring and early fall as part of our lawn fungus disease treatment program.

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Dollar Spot Control

Single area of dollar spot on a lawn in Dallas, TX.

Dollar spot is a prevalent lawn disease that is characterized by the development of small, circular patches of light tan or whitish grass, each approximately the size of a dollar coin. These patches are often scattered across the lawn. Our comprehensive lawn disease prevention and treatment strategies encompass preventing and addressing dollar spot to ensure the overall health and vitality of your lawn.

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Don't let lawn disease take over your turf! Instead, contact us at Weedex Lawn Care for reliable and effective lawn disease control services. We've been offering our high-quality services to residential properties in the Dallas, TX, area for 21 years, so we have the expertise to maintain a beautiful lawn free of harmful diseases. Our services are also available in nearby areas, such as Fort Worth and Arlington. If you need lawn disease control for your lawn at home, call us at (972) 727-9207 to enroll and take advantage of our lawn disease control treatments!