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Oak Point Lawn Care with Weedex

Professional lawn treatment for Oak Point.

We tackle weeds using the best products to keep your Oak Point lawn green and looking healthier. Our Oak Point lawn care programs are customized for Texas lawns; and we never require a long-term contract. Leave the work to us: we want you (and your neighbors!) to love how your lawn looks throughout the year.

Find out for yourself why Weedex Lawn Care were voted Best Pick for Lawn Care 12 years in a row by Dallas Best Pick Reports.

A+ rated with the Better Business Bureau.

Looking for more than weed control?

  • Uninvited lawn pests will damage your yard. We identify lawn pests and keep them from overtaking your lawn. This includes fire ants, grub worms, army worms, chinch bugs and beyond.
  • Ornamental trees and shrubs require special maintenance, so we created a treatment program specifically for North Texas plants. Our tree and shrub care program protects your plants while providing nutrients.
  • Have you thought about core lawn aeration? Lawn aeration improves the overall health of your lawn. We use an aerator to create thousands of tiny holes into the lawn’s surface, allowing air, water and fertilizers to reach the roots. The result: thicker, greener, more resilient turf grass. We can give you a price based on the size of your lawn; request a free quote today.
  • We also address specific problems with nutsedge, dallisgrass, King Ranch bluestem and other Texas weeds. There is not a one-size-fits-all weed control method. Grassy weeds and broadleaf weeds are treated according to the type of grass where they are growing.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you have questions, you can always talk with our lawn technicians or call our office in Lewisville. North Texas lawns are greener with Weedex Lawn Care.