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Lawn Insect Control Services in Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington, & Nearby Areas in Texas

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Lawn Insect Control Services in Dallas, TX & Surrounding Areas Including Fort Worth & Arlington

We have been providing lawn insect control services since 2001!

Lawn insects can wreak havoc on your turf, leading to severe damage if they are not dealt with. At Weedex Lawn Care, we understand the importance of effective lawn insect control, which is why we offer lawn insect control services to combat various pests. Our curative lawn insect control treatments target common culprits such as grubs, fire ants, chinch bugs, and bermudagrass mites.

Homeowners in Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington, and surrounding areas in Texas can take advantage of our professional lawn insect control services. To schedule a consultation or treatment, don't hesitate to give us a call at (972) 727-9207!

Grub Control

Grub found on a lawn in Dallas, TX.

In Texas, grubs are most active in late summer and early fall and can cause extensive damage to your turf. To prevent this, we offer a preventative grub control service that you can take advantage of in late spring or early summer. When we visit your home, we will apply a systemic insecticide treatment to your lawn to provide a barrier of protection, keeping your grass safe from grubs once they hatch later in the year.

In addition to preventative grub control, we also offer curative grub control to address existing grub infestations. If you notice signs of a grub problem, such as brown patches in your lawn or evidence of turf damage, give us a call. Our fast-acting insecticide treatment can effectively eliminate the grubs and prevent them from causing further damage.

Fire Ant Control

Fire ant colony that was found in Dallas, TX.

Our fire ant control service is designed to eliminate fire ants from your property. We will apply a specialized granular treatment across your lawn to eliminate any fire ants that are present. What's more, this treatment will also act as a preventative barrier to keep your property free of fire ants for up to a year!

Chinch Bug Control

Chinch bug chewing on vegetation in Dallas, TX.

Chinch bugs are small insects that thrive by feeding on grasses such as St. Augustine grass, causing damage similar to the effects of drought stress. One of the key symptoms of a chinch bug infestation is the emergence of brown patches of dead grass in your lawn, particularly during the hot and dry seasons. If you notice these signs, it's crucial to reach out to us as soon as possible so that we can promptly assess and treat the infestation. Our curative treatments will make your chinch bug problem an issue of the past!

Bermudagrass Mite Control

Bermudagrass mites found on a lawn in Dallas, TX.

Bermudagrass mites are tiny pests that feed on bermudagrass, causing damage that resembles stress from lack of water or nutrients. Damage caused by bermudagrass mites includes the development of yellow or brown patches of weak, dying grass. If you notice these signs on your lawn, it's possible that it's suffering from an infestation of bermudagrass mites. In such a case, you can take advantage of our bermudagrass mite control service. Our specialized applications are designed to target and eliminate your bermudagrass mite problem!

We have been providing our lawn insect control services to property owners in and around the Dallas, TX, area since 2001!

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Here at Weedex Lawn Care, we understand the importance of maintaining a healthy lawn free from insect infestations. Our comprehensive lawn insect control services are tailored to meet the needs of homeowners in Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington, and other nearby locations in Texas. To schedule any of our lawn insect control services, call us at (972) 727-9207 to enroll!