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Hickory Creek Lawn Care

Get a greener, healthier yard with our regular lawn treatment service for Hickory Creek, Denton and across the metroplex. Our mantra at Weedex is “Greener lawn. Happier you.”

Weedex is a local, professional service provider of weed control, lawn fertilization, tree and shrub care, lawn insect control, lawn disease management and other specialty lawn services.

Our competitive prices come with expert customer service, award winning service and no long-term contract.

Call (972) 727-9207 or get a free customized quote for your yard and ask for our new customer special.

Twelve (12) years and counting: Once again we’ve been voted a ‘Best Pick’ by Best Pick Reports.

  • Routine weed control and lawn fertilization service for a better looking lawn throughout the year. We tackle grassy weeds, broadleaf weeds, Dallisgrass, nutsedge and other troublesome weeds across the DFW.
  • Lawn insect control to prevent damage caused by grub worms, army worms, chinch bugs and other pests.
  • Fire ant control: A specialized treatment plan to control invasive fire ants.
  • Core aeration to allow air and water to reach the root system. We use an aerator to create tiny holes throughout the lawn. This is the technique pro golf courses use for a plush turf grass.
  • Shrub and ornamental tree care for healthier landscape plants.

Hickory Creek lawns are greener with Weedex Lawn Care

From extreme drought conditions to heavy rain, we know you want a healthy, good looking yard; but it takes a lot of time and patience to do it yourself.

We use the highest quality fertilizers and weed killers in the industry. Our technicians are trained to safely apply all products at the best time each season. Get started with a free quote.

We want each customer to be satisfied with our service and we always want your feedback. You will never be directed to a call center. Our office in Lewisville takes care of all customers across DFW. We provide the most personable, comprehensive lawncare service you can find in North Texas.