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Wylie Lawn Care

Whether you have Zoysia, Bermuda or St. Augustine, we have the right lawn care treatment plan for your Wylie lawn.

North Texas grass needs pre-emergent herbicide, grassy weed killer and fertilizer to be beautiful during the growing seasons. We treat your lawn in Wylie every 5 to 7 weeks with the industry’s best products for your grass. With a total of 8 treatments, our lawn treament program gives year-round fertilization and weed protection. Get your free quote.

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“Yard looks great.” – Darryl B. Wylie, TX

Weedex Lawn Care has been selected as a “Best Pick” for 12 consecutive years by the Best Picks Reports.

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Google 5 Star Review

“I have used many companies and they never know what’s going on with my grass. Weedex will go beyond to find out what is going on. I had so many weeds because my neighbors don’t take care of their lawns and since using Weedex I don’t have one. They are a wonderful company with wonderful people. I have had a stroke and have problems communicating at times. Not with Weedex. They go slow for me and will go the extra mile to help me understand. Not many companies like this in this day. I suggest you use them, I promise you won’t regret it. ” – Kim S.

Wylie lawns are greener with Weedex

Specialty Lawn Services:

  • Give your lawn a boost by scheduling core lawn aeration. Golf courses use core aeration to allow water and other nutrients reach the root system of the turf grass. This helps create a lush green turf. We aerate your lawn at the most beneficial time of the season.
  • Ornamental trees and shrubs need nourishment to thrive and additional protection against disease. We only use the industry’s most effective, safest products on your landscape.
  • Chinch bugs, army worms, grubs and other lawn pests can cause irreparable, costly damage to your yard. And lawn fungus can quickly cause permanent damage to your yard. Our technicians are trained to identify and treat north Texas turf grass.
  • Ask us about our total yard fire ant treatment program. We use TopChoice from Bayer Environmental Science; a product only available to lawn care professionals and guaranteed for one full year!

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