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Crossroads lawn treatment

Outstanding lawn treatment for Crossroads and DFW

Our lawn treatment program provides routine weed control and lawn fertilization for your Crossroads turf grass throughout the year. Our prices are comparable to the big-name lawn care companies. Our goal is to provide outstanding customer support and amazing results with no long-term contracts.

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Weedex Lawn Care has been selected Best Pick for Lawn Care in the Dallas Best Pick Reports for 12 consecutive years!

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Need more than weed control and fertilization for your yard? We also offer these specialty services.

  • Lawn pest control: Keep Bermuda mites and chinch bugs from ruining your yard.
  • Control fire ants throughout your lawn.
  • Grub control – check out our informative YouTube video and treatment options to stop grubs from damaging your lawn
  • Lawn aeration: An aerator machine creates thousands of tiny holes throughout the lawn. Air and water go straight to the root system. The results? More resilient, greener turf grass.
  • Ornamental tree and shrub care: Your landscape’s plants benefit greatly from specialized, seasonal treatment.
  • Dallisgrass, nutsedge and grassy weeds : We have a program to treat the toughest grassy weeds.
  • Oxalis, dandelion, henbit and other broadleaf weeds can take over your lawn. Our service will control and eliminate recurring weeds.

Homeowners want a great looking yard but have little time to tackle broadleaf and grassy weeds. We service some of the best looking lawns in north Texas. Whether you have Zoysia, Bermuda or St. Augustine, our professional lawn technicians routinely apply the best products at the best time of the season.

Our service plans are designed by lawn experts. We know how to safely apply our lawn treatment products. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.