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Carrollton Lawn Care

Carrollton lawn care specialists for greener grass

Working with big name lawn care providers may seem like a good deal, but over time, the personalized service may get lost. Our business is built on having the best long term relationships with our customers. Weedex Lawn Care has award winning customer service. We have been selected as “Best Pick” for lawn care for 12 consecutive years in the Best Pick reports for Dallas!

Whether you have St. Augustine, Bermuda or Zoysia turf grass, our basic lawn program treats your lawn every 5 to 7 weeks with the best commercial products. This means year-round fertilization and grassy weed protection for your yard. We also treat tough Texas weeds like dallisgrass and nutsedge.

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Extremely professional and better priced than the competition. – Kendra B., Carrollton

Had a yard full of weeds not anymore plus super green yard. very happy customer thank you Weedex. – Maria G., Carrollton

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Carrollton has some of the most beautiful lawns in the metroplex . Homeowner’s want a well-landscaped, green yard throughout the year. When regular mowing and watering aren’t enough, our recommend our fertilization and grassy weed lawn treatment program with our specialized lawn care services.

-More than just weed control-

  • Have you considered aerating your yard? Our trained technicians use a machine aerator to create thousands of small holes in your lawn. Air and water reach the root system faster, making your lawn more resilient. This is how experts who care for golf courses get a lush green turf.
  • Don’t forget your ornamental trees and shrubs! Protect against disease and seasonal conditions so they can thrive in the growing season.
  • Lawn pest control: Waiting to treat chinch bugs and army worms can wreak havoc on the overall health of your yard. A stressed lawn takes longer to grow and may be slow to rebound from infestation. Our lawn care technicians will identify the insects and apply effective curative and preventative products.
  • Lawn fungus and diseases can quickly overtake your yard. We are trained to diagnose and heal north Texas turf grass using the industry’s safest lawn treatments.

We are in Lewisville, so we are always nearby to provide the best Carrollton lawn care. Our business is based on providing a valuable service while building quality relationships customers. Call our office for a quote from your local lawn care specialists.