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Bartonville lawn treatment service

We provide grassy weed control, lawn fertilization and specialty lawn care service to Bartonville and the DFW area. For over 20 years, our lawn treatment business has grown by having solid relationships with our customers. Our award winning service earned us Best Pick for lawn care for 12 consecutive years ion Best Pick Reports for Dallas.

Weed control and more for your Bartonville lawn

Looking for someone to fertilize your turf grass and conquer weeds? With our lawn treatment program, we treat your lawn every 5 to 7 weeks throughout the year. So you never need to worry about which fertilizer or weed control product to buy at your lawn and garden store. Get started with a free quote.

Need more than lawn fertilization and weed control?

  • Core lawn aeration boosts your lawn’s health by allowing nutrients and air to reach the root system of your grass. We use a professional aerator machine to create thousands of tiny holes throughout your yard. The long-term result is a thicker, healthier turf grass.
  • Ornamental trees and shrubs need individual care to guard against disease, insects and harsh weather. Our ornamental tree and shrub program will evaluate your landscape and choose the right treatment regimen.
  • Lawn fungus such as brown patch can overtake north Texas turf grass. Seasonal temperature changes make your lawn more susceptible. We diagnose and treat these problems before they cause more damage.
  • Waiting to treat chinch bugs, Bermuda mites and other insects can permanently damage your grass. Our surface feeding insect program eradicates the most common lawn pests in north Texas.

For a beautiful lawn in the spring and summer, treat your landscape in the cooler months. Whether you have St. Augustine, Bermuda or Zoysia, the needs of these grasses change through the seasons. We use the right treatment products for your yard at the right time.

Get a free quote for the lawn service programs that are right for your yard. Our office is in Lewisville, so we are always near our customers.