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Fairview Lawns look better with Weedex Lawn Care

With our basic lawn care program, we service your Fairview lawn every 5 to 7 weeks for a total of 8 treatments through the year. This includes weed control and fertilization for your residential turf grass. We use specialized products for St. Augustine, Zoysia, and Bermuda grasses. We like to say “Greener lawn. Happier you.”Call (972) 727-9207 for your free phone quote today!

Yelp Review, Fairview lawn treatment customer

“I have the same technician service my lawn so she knows any issues that I have had with my lawn. It’s nice to talk to the same person every time so I don’t have to re-explain what I need for my yard.” – John T., Fairview, Texas

Best Pick Review

“I have noticed a difference in my lawn since I’ve been using them. I have interacted with the workers. Their customer service is nice. They’re good people! They do weed treatment and fertilizing for my lawn. I’d give them an A.” – Fairview Homeowner

Weedex Lawn Care has been selected Best Pick for Lawn Care 12 years in a row by Dallas Best Pick Reports.

We believe professional lawn care should be from a local company that understand your lawn and weed challenges. We are locally owned and operated, providing quality service, with excellent communication with our customers. This is why so many of our Fairview customers refer our services to their neighbors. One Fairview neighborhood, Heritage Ranch, has over ten Weedex customers on just one street alone. Our motto is “Greener lawn. Happier you.”

Need more than fertilization and weed control for your Fairview lawn? Ask about our specialized lawn care services:

  • Core lawn aeration: thousands of tiny holes are created in your lawn using a commercial aerator; this allows nutrients and air to reach the root system of your turf grass.
  • Keep your your ornamental trees and shrubs beautiful while guarding against diseases and pests.
  • Our surface feeding insect program controls the most common lawn pests in north Texas. Waiting to treat chinch bugs, army worms and other pests will cause permanent damage to your grass. We also offer fire ant and grub worm control.
  • We treat Dallisgrass, nutsedge, and other hard-to-kill weeds in your lawn.
  • Lawn fungus and diseases can destroy your grass. We can diagnose and treat your yard with specialized products.
  • Get started with a free quote, call (972) 727-9207 for the lawn service program that is right for your yard.

Our office is in Lewisville so we are always in the area. We serve all of Fairview and most cities in the DFW metroplex.