Author: Felisha Parson

winter lawns still need water

This Winter, Don’t Forget to Water the Lawn

January 18, 2017

Before the big winter freeze hits, don’t forget the importance of giving your turf grass plenty of water to help it through the cold season. A few well-timed sprinkler sessions will protect your lawn’s root system and help create a stronger…

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Wheelbarrow loaded with gardening tools and compost inside

Topdressing Your Lawn with Compost

August 2, 2016

Healthy lawns have soil that thrives season after season. Since most North Texas lawns have poor soil quality, topdressing your lawn is an important, often overlooked lawn chore. By adding a modest layer of compost across your lawn you can…

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thistle weeds and dandelions

Excessive Weeds After a Mild Winter

May 10, 2016

After an unusually mild winter, North Texans tend to notice excessive weeds in their lawn. Typically, multiple “hard” freezing temperatures inhibit the growth of new weeds the following season while warm winter temperatures typically result in more spring weeds. This causes…

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Take All Root Rot

Spring: An Open Invitation For Lawn Fungus

April 1, 2016

Due to rapid temperature changes each spring, St. Augustine lawns are vulnerable to spring lawn fungus. “Brown Patch”, “Take All Root Rot” and “Grey Leaf Spot” are common lawn diseases caused by fungus growth in St. Augustine lawns. Whether you…

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dandelion weeds in grass

Early Spring Lawn Tips

February 29, 2016

Some lawn problems that plague yards later in the year can be avoided or controlled by taking some steps in early spring. Here are some tips to help you get the most from your lawn care investment. Prevent Weeds in Zoysia and Bermuda Young…

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Frost on Plant

Protect Plants From Frost Damage

January 25, 2016

  Although most shrubs and trees survive Texas winters, you should always be ready for a serious cold snap. Did you know frost damage to landscape plants can even occur with temperatures in the upper 30’s? Do not use plastic,…

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Fall leaves on green grass

Lawn Tips for Fall

November 20, 2015

In the fall, turf grass can still reap positive results from pre-emergent weed control and fertilizer. In addition to surface lawn treatments, a few adjustments to your lawncare routine can prepare your grass for a healthier spring. Mow: Don’t scalp…

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Spring Brown Patch

Brown Patch Fungus

October 26, 2015

Brown Patch Fungus – Homeowner’s often contact us about brown patches that appear in their north Texas lawns. ‘Brown patch‘ is actually the Rhizoctonia fungus species. Brown patch fungus has the potential to cause widespread damage to Dallas lawns. It affects warm season turf…

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