Brown Patch Fungus – Homeowner’s often contact us about brown patches that appear in their north Texas lawns. ‘Brown patch‘ is actually the Rhizoctonia fungus species. Brown patch fungus has the potential to cause widespread damage to Dallas lawns. It affects warm season turf grasses. In North Texas, the fungus thrives on St. Augustine and Zoysia turf grasses. Bermuda grass is not affected by brown patch.

Brown patch fungus appears as a circular patch that may begin with a discolored ring formation in the grass. A ring of brown, brittle, dead grass blades increases in diameter as the disease progresses.

Brown Patch Fungus on a north Texas lawn

What causes Brown Patch Fungus?

Brown patch fungus is caused by rapid temperature shifts that occur with the changing seasons. This usually occurs in the fall and spring months. When the temperatures are not ideal for growth, the fungus remains dormant in thatch and under the surface in the soil.


If you have this fungus in your lawn, it is too late to apply a preventative product. A fungicidal curative should be applied to control the current fungus growth and prevent new growth.

How we can help:

We offer professional brown patch treatment for your lawn. With our service, we inspect your lawn for potential problems, such as poor drainage or thatch. If the fungus is present, we use two applications of fungicidal curative 14-21 days apart. The fungicidal application is also used to prevent the fungus in turfgrass.


The best way to prevent brown patch fungus is by making sure soil drains properly. Make sure your lawn doesn’t hold water or remain damp.

For North Texas, the spring and fall months make the grass most vulnerable. Monitor temperatures for warm, moist days and cool nights.

Aerated soil will more effectively absorb water. If you are using a fungicide to manage brown patch growth in your turf grass, make sure soil is draining properly.

Want to know more about treating and preventing brown patch fungus? Contact our office in Lewisville and one of our lawn professionals will be happy to help you. You can request a free quote online or by calling (972) 727-9207 .