There are several reasons why your lawn in Texas might be turning brown in certain areas. Brown patch and drought are two common culprits to be on the lookout for, but it's important to know the difference. Dying, brown grass with dry soil that's difficult to pierce could be a sign of drought! Circular patches of thin grass on your lawn are an indication of brown patch. If you believe brown patch is taking over your lawn, the best course of action to take is to contact a professional. Professionals will diagnose the problem and apply curative treatments to eliminate it!

Signs that drought is affecting your lawn.

Lawn in Dallas, TX, affected by drought.

There are a few signs that your lawn is suffering from a lack of water or drought. If you walk across your lawn and your footprint remains indented in the grass for a while, this signals your lawn needs water. When a lawn is suffering from drought, it will also have a bluish-gray color sometimes, but when you water it, it will transition back to green. If it goes without proper watering for an extended period, the dry grass will also wilt, which is indicated by the grass blades folding or rolling. The grass isn't the only aspect of your lawn that can be impacted by drought, however. It also affects the soil as well. It can cause the soil to become very dry, making it difficult to pierce.

Signs that brown patch is affecting your lawn.

Brown patch has some unique characteristics that make it differ from drought! Brown patch is a fungus that infects your lawn and causes thin, circular patches of light brown grass on your turf. The patches can range in size from only a few diameters to up to several feet if it's left untreated. In many cases, the center of the affected area will recover, leaving a donut shape. However, if conditions are favorable for this disease, it can spread rapidly. In this instance, the large circular patches will merge, resulting in large areas of thinned-out or dead grass without noticeable circles.

What should you do if you think your lawn is infected with brown patch?

If left untreated, brown patch can spread from one small infected area to a much larger section of your lawn and cause serious damage. That's why the best thing to do is contact professionals as soon as possible if you believe your lawn is suffering from this lawn disease. They will come out to your property to confirm if your lawn is suffering from brown patch, and if it is, will apply a curative treatment to eliminate it from your lawn and prevent it from causing further damage.

Preventative treatments for brown patch can be applied in the spring and early fall to prevent your lawn from becoming infected in the first place!

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If you believe your lawn is suffering from brown patch, reach out to our team at Weedex Lawn Care to schedule our lawn disease control service. We will visit your property to determine the cause and then apply a curative fungicide that targets diseases like brown patch and eliminate it from your lawn. To prevent it from becoming an issue in the future, you can schedule our preventative treatments in the spring and early fall, stopping it before it has the chance to develop again. We can also help your lawn combat drought with our soil care program.

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