Core aeration is a lawn care service that involves pulling cores or plugs of soil from the ground. It is designed to relieve soil compaction, which inhibits your lawn's ability to access and absorb nutrients. It also helps to reduce thatch buildup to allow your grass to breathe better. By creating holes in the soil, core aeration opens up channels where nutrients and other essential resources can pass through to get to the roots of your grass. To ensure this lawn care service is done effectively, you'll want to schedule it when your grass can endure the invasive process. For property owners here in Texas, you should have your lawn aerated in the spring for the best results. It's also crucial to incorporate core aeration into your lawn care routine every year so you never have to worry about the roots of your grass being unable to access the resources it needs to grow strong.

Core aeration relieves soil compaction and reduces thatch buildup.

Soil compaction is a serious issue that affects how much nutrients the roots of your grass receive. Your soil becomes compacted when the soil pores get pressed together, which can be caused by things like heavy foot traffic or the weight of your lawn mower. If your lawn looks weak and seems to be struggling even after you try to fertilize it, it can mean the soil is too compacted for the nutrients to penetrate. Core aeration can help address that. Because it involves pulling cores of soil from the ground, core aeration can break down hard, compacted soil and allow your lawn to breathe. It also helps to reduce excessive thatch buildup, and the less thatch there is, the easier it will be for nutrients and other resources to penetrate deep into your soil.

Core aeration makes it easier for nutrients and other essential resources to reach the roots of your grass.

Since core aeration entails pulling cores of soil to loosen compaction, this process results in tiny holes being left throughout your entire lawn. The holes created during the core aeration process provide channels that nutrients and other essential resources like water, air, and sunlight can use to reach the roots of your grass. Because of this, your grass can maximize these resources and utilize them to bolster its health. Core aeration also makes fertilizer treatments more effective! By providing a pathway for fertilizers, your lawn can easily access the nutrients from them and absorb what they need to grow strong.

By helping your grass access vital nutrients, core aeration can strengthen its root system and help it withstand stressors like diseases, insects, and drought!

When should core aeration be performed?

Core aeration can be invasive, so it must be performed when your lawn is strong enough to endure the process. To ensure your grass can withstand the process, it's best to schedule core aeration in the spring, around February to May. This way, your warm-season grass can enjoy the benefits of having better access to vital nutrients early in the year. Core aerating your lawn in the spring will also give it enough time to get stronger before summer comes, allowing it to prepare for the heat of this season and withstand any drought-related stress. Core aeration should also be scheduled every year to ensure your grass consistently has good access to vital nutrients and resources.

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