Dallisgrass Control

Dallisgrass ControlWe know dallisgrass control is a concern for north Texas homeowners. Note the correct spelling. Dallisgrass is often incorrectly called Dallas grass, maybe even more so in north Texas and other parts of the state of Texas.

Dallisgrass is also frequently mistaken for crabgrass.  Both are grassy weeds and can be found growing in clusters. However, dallisgrass is often quite taller than the surrounding grass and has tall seed stalks. Crabgrass tends to grow more flatly across the lawn, like a crab.  It also does not have have tall seed shoots and is usually darker in color.  Both dallisgrass and crabgrass are drought tolerant and thrives in north Texas lawns.  Along with nutsedge, dallisgrass is one of the more difficult weeds to control.

Dallisgrass Prevention

Pre-emergent applied at the proper time will help prevent dallisgrass from germinating. The best way to keep dallisgrass under control is to keep it from going to seed.  This weed develops seed heads very quickly. It is good practice to mow at least once per week to keep the seed heads from developing and spreading this challenging weed.

Dallisgrass Control

While weekly mowing may help keep this ugly weed from spreading, one of the best ways to get rid of dallisgrass is to remove it from your lawn.  Dig up the dallisgrass and get rid of it.  A thick, healthy lawn will also work to choke out dallisgrass and other weeds from your lawn.  A year round lawn care program like the one offered by Weedex Lawn Care will also help combat Dallisgrass and other weeds by promoting a healthy, thick lawn. The lawn treatment program also includes pre-and post emergent weed control with a eight (8) treatment program occurring every five (5) to seven (7) weeks thought out the year.  A report is provided after each lawn treatment to let you know the treatment services performed and if specific watering or mowing instructions are needed by the homeowner.  Call Weedex at 972-727-9207 for a free quote today.


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