Fire Ant Control

Fire AntsA new way to control fire ants

Over the last 70 years, red-imported fire ants have migrated into the southern United States. They are the primary insect problem for southern homes, schools, parks, and businesses. Fire ants infest over 325 million acres across the southern portion of states.

In most cases, killing fire ants is a regular chore when taking care of your lawn. You may choose to treat fire ants yourself. You can apply a consumer product available from your local lawn and garden retailer. But most people find that as soon as one ant hill is eradicated, another appears somewhere else in the lawn. If you decide to take the time to treat the entire lawn, the treatment never seems to last long enough.

A better solution for controlling fire ants

Now, TopChoice, from Bayer Environmental Science, offers homeowners, landscapers, and groundskeepers new hope. This option is only available through lawn care or pest control professionals. One broadcast application of TopChoice controls fire ants for a full year. Imagine a lawn free of fire ants for a full year.  This means no more painful fire ant bites.

We provide the most comprehensive and effective fire ant control available in north Texas. Our professional lawn care services include lawn fertilization, grassy weed control, lawn disease management and more. And since we are a small, locally owned and operated business, you will always get personal service. Get a free quote.


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