Grub Control


Grub Control

These subsurface feeding insects are the larva of beetles, otherwise known as June bugs. Grub worms can be one of the most damaging insects to turf grass.  Grub control is essential.

Grubs start actively feeding in the late spring. They feed on the roots of turf grass until the grass is no longer able to take up water or nutrients.  A lawn with a grub infestation is usually not detectable until a fair amount of damage has already been done.

Grub Damage

This damage is usually noticeable by areas of the lawn turning brown and dying.  These areas can usually be peeled back just like carpet revealing grubs in the soil.  Another symptom of a grub problem is armadillos, birds or small rodents digging in the lawn since grubs are a common food source.

Prevent Grubs

Weedex offers a grub control preventative treatment in the late spring that is guaranteed for the entire year.  The preventative is taken up by the roots of the grass and it then eliminates the grubs once they start feeding in the late spring or early summer.

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Grub Curative

A grub control curative is also available.  This application is normally applied in late summer or early fall once a lawn shows signs of grub activity or damage.  However, once the grubs are detected the damage has already been done.  The curative will only stop more damage from occurring. That is why Weedex recommends the preventative if grubs have ever been an issue your lawn.

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