Lawn Care Specialist Near Me

Posted on January 22, 2022

Are you looking for a lawn care specialist near me? If you need excellent lawn care but you don’t know where to start, you’ve come to the right place! Let’s break down what a lawn care specialist is, what you can expect from a lawn care specialist, what kind of care your lawn needs, and more. You will be well equipped to hire the best lawn care specialist in your area in no time!


What Do Lawn Specialists Do?

First off, let’s tackle this basic question. It would be tricky to hire the best company when you don’t know quite what to base your judgment on!

A lawn care specialist helps homeowners maintain an immaculate lawn. If you’re tired of applying fertilizers, maintaining your grass, trying to control weeds, and putting in all of that hard work on your lawn (possibly without even seeing the results you’re looking for!), then hiring a lawn specialist might be the perfect answer for you.

A lawn specialist should take all of that lawn treatment work off your hands. A lawn care company like Weedex will help you maintain a beautiful, green lawn by nourishing your turf with carefully selected products, techniques, and tools. We take the guesswork out of the yard care!

Lawn care specialists have the proper training and tools at the ready. A good specialist will be able to arrive at your home and either diagnose any problems your lawn has or tackle the routine maintenance work that keeps your lawn thriving.

Here are some problems that a lawn care specialist can handle for you:


1.      Weed Control

Weeds can be devastating to any homeowner’s lawn! They are not only unsightly little eyesores as they spring up out of your lawn, but they can actually be damaging to your turf! Grass and weeds are all competing for the same sunlight, water, and nutrients in your soil. If weeds are allowed to creep in, they can essentially rob your turfgrass of the essentials it needs to thrive. Not only are the weeds spreading, but the problem is worsened by the degradation of the turf’s root system. Weeds are mean, aren’t they?

North Texas home with dandelion weeds in the front lawn

A good lawn care specialist can set up your lawn for success by treating current weeds, as well as applying things like a pre-emergent product to prevent future weeds from springing up.

Another way that a lawn care service can help control problematic weeds is by caring for and nourishing your lawn’s root system. Thicker roots and thicker turf mean less opportunity for weeds to sneak in! Remember how weeds can take the nutrients and sunlight from your grass? Yep, the same thing goes the opposite way! Even though some weeds can be extremely aggressive, maintaining a thick turf can be an effective way to prevent a weed from taking hold in your lawn, simply by choking it out before it can thrive. Weedex Lawn Care will do this for you! Call right now from a free estimate: 972-727-9207


2.       Lawn Fungus and Disease Treatment

 Ugh, no one likes to deal with a fungus! If you look at your lawn and see any circular patches of brown, dead-looking grass, you may have a lawn fungus called take-all root rot. With take-all root rot, you may have patches of straw-colored or brown grass, which is a sign of the fungus affecting the turf’s stolons, nodes, and roots, ultimately causing them to die. A lawn care specialist can take care of this fungus for you by applying the proper fungicide treatment to suppress the grass disease. It can be a delicate balance to figure out what exact treatment is best for your lawn, so if you want to take the guesswork out, remember that Weedex Lawn Care gives free estimates! You can rest assured that our specialists will treat your lawn with the utmost care. We guarantee satisfaction. Give us a call today if you suspect your lawn is infected with take-all root rot! (972) 727-9207

Take-all root rot fungus in north Texas lawn



3.       Fertilizing and Applying Lawn Treatments

 Have you ever gone into a home and garden store and become instantly overwhelmed by the sheer quantities of fertilizers? It can be impossible to know where to start when choosing a fertilizer for your lawn! With countless products on the shelves, and numerous articles telling you different opinions and pulling you in every direction, it can be hard not to just give up on choosing a fertilizer. The thing is, each yard has its own unique needs depending on many factors. Things that can affect your selection include location, type of turfgrass, potential problems in your lawn, time of year, and other factors to consider.  A lawn care specialist thinks about all of these things and makes an educated decision on which products to use for your lawn. If all of those factors sound a bit overwhelming to you, or if you just don’t want to spend the time researching and applying your fertilizer yourself, it’s a great option to call in a professional!


Some lawn care technicians and specialists handle different levels of lawn care for you! You may choose to hire someone to take care of the following yard chores for you:

While not every company provides every service, you are likely to find that a great lawn care specialist company like Weedex Lawn Care offers many of the key services your lawn truly needs to be at its best. With Weedex in particular, our year-lawn treatment plan preps your lawn for a better future while caring for it today!


Lawn Treatment Near Me

If you are in need of a good lawn treatment, look no further than Weedex Lawn Care! Weedex takes the burden of caring for your lawn off your hands. There are so many issues that your lawn might have that could be going undiagnosed without the help of a professional. That is no fault of yours! If you aren’t feeling very well, you call a doctor to diagnose the problem, right? The same principles apply to your lawn! We all want our lawns to be green and beautiful, which means we need them to have a healthy root system and be free of issues. Some problems that may be lurking in your lawn could be lawn fungi, lawn diseases, grub worms, or chinch bugs, among many other things!

We all know that weeds are ugly. No one likes a yard full of weeds! Weeds can also be affecting the overall health of your yard, which means your turf will not be able to be luscious, thick, green, and thriving! Oh no! But don’t worry, the perfect land treatments can control those weeds, thicken up your turf, and nourish your root system to provide the best base for a gorgeous lawn.


Lawn Care Specialist Near Me

So, why do you need to find a lawn care specialist near you? For one thing, it will take all of the research, guesswork, and brain strain off of your shoulders. Most of us have pretty busy lives these days. When we come home from a long workday, the last thing we want to do is hit the books to figure out all of your lawn’s specific needs! It

can be like taking a science course, except that there is no professor to tell you when you are right or wrong. Trial and error become your teacher, and let me tell you, that is a frustrating game!

Instead of forcing yourself to delve into the world of lawn treatments, fungicides, pre and post-emergents, and all of that confusion that comes with it, why not just call in a pro to deal with it for you? It’s not that you couldn’t do it yourself after lots of hard work and research, but it’s more about what you want to spend your free time doing.

I’d much rather kick back with a glass of iced tea and view my beautiful, green lawn in the evenings than go through all of that hassle!

If this sounds like you, let’s figure out how to find the perfect lawn care specialist or lawn care company to fulfill your lawn’s needs.


How Do I Find a Grass Specialist?

Grass, grass, grass! Grass is so much more complex than we may tend to think. There are so many different varieties of grass, even in the US only! If you know which type of grass you have in your lawn, it is way easier to figure out what you need to treat and care for it. Grass specialists and lawn care experts can tell which type of grass you have and have the knowledge, tools, treatments, and techniques to best care for it!

What are some different types of grass that might be in your lawn?

If you have grass that thrives during the warm months but turns straw-colored at the first freeze, you may have what is known as warm-season grass. These grass types will go dormant in the colder months. Here are some common warm-season grasses in North Texas.

Texas Warm-Season Grass:

  • Bermuda Grass
  • Buffalo Grass
  • Augustine Grass
  • Zoysia Grass


On the flip side, cool-season grasses grow best in fall and winter. They are primarily adapted in North Texas. Interestingly, they do not tolerate the summer heat and super high humidity of most of the areas in Texas. Here are a few of the types of cool-season grasses you might find in your North Texas lawn.

North Texas lawn overseeded with winter ryegrass


Texas Cool-Season Grass:

  • Kentucky Bluegrass
  • Ryegrass
  • Tall Fescue
  • Texas Bluegrass

This list is by no means exhaustive, and there are so many factors in determining which type of turf will grow best in your lawn, what region you are in, and how to best care for the turf type you have! We recommend that you call in a professional to help you decide what you want to do to help your lawn thrive. You will love how thick and green your lawn can get with a little bit of TLC!

How do you choose a lawn care specialist in your area? Check for these when you are searching to find the best lawn care company for you!


Questions to ask when choosing a lawn care provider:

1.  Are they BBB accredited? Check to see if the Better Business Bureau accredits the company you are considering to ensure you are hiring a reliable.

2.  How are their reviews and how many reviews do they have? If the company you are checking out has nothing but negative reviews, you may want to consider a different choice. It’s nice to be able to see other happy customers’ opinions before you hire a lawn care service company yourself!

3.  How long has the company been in business and are they local? Are they a fly-by-night company,  big national company that may be lacking in local turfgrass, weeds and lawn disease knowledge or do they have decades of experience serving homeowners in your community.

4.  Do they offer a satisfaction guarantee? Nothing says customer care quite like a company offering a satisfaction guarantee for their customers. A company like this will likely already go above and beyond to make their customers happy! It’s always nice to know that you will get the service you pay for when hiring a lawn care.

Side by side North Texas lawn comparison

If you are looking to check off each item on this list when choosing a lawn care specialist, we have good news for you! Weedex Lawn Care has is locally owned and operated with 20 years of service to North Texas homeowners, BBB  accredited business with an A+ rating, excellent customer care, thousands of happy customers in North Texas, and we offer a satisfaction guarantee. Like we always say, greener lawn, happier you! Let us help you get started on getting that greener lawn right now! We also offer a FREE estimate, so call us now to get going! (972) 727-9207

 Our friendly staff can’t wait to help you with your questions, and our expert lawn care technicians are ready to tackle your lawn care needs. We hope to hear from you soon!

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Lawn Care Treatments

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Tree & Shrub Care Program

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